Top Chook

Limited Edition Design

New Pump Covers

Cover pencilneck flaccidness until you reach stout horsecock girth with this ULTRA high quality sleek pump cover!

Sack Up

With the Thick as Frick Fanny Sack

There is video evidence that Eric Bugenhagen (aka Sticky Ricky aka Rick Boogs) has been an avid advocate of the fanny pack (aka power sack) for many years now. Due to his tremendous amount of experience strapped up with the satchel, he knows a thing or two about a quality sack. Behold, the first THICK AS FRICK power satchel, which features the iconic horsecock specimen hoisting his dumbbells with tremendous gusto to achieve that peak freak bicep pump! Now you too can lug around boatloads of fig bars and delicious intra workout treats to attain eye blowing bulbous mass!

Become a TOP CHOOK

Limited Edition

Eric Bugenhagen aka Bugez Von Hagen aka Rick Boogs aka Dik Del Hagen aka Rick the Stick has endured endless cerebral anguish to conceive a shirt that optimally allows one to display their superior and immaculate density. After endless torment, it hit The Stick like a ton of frickin bricks! Behold, the perfect fitting tank top with the most quintessential artistry exhibiting peak freak big kahuna horse cockery…the TOP CHOOK!